downtown disney.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

the week before thanksgiving our family went down to orlando florida with my parents. it was delightfully not busy and the weather was awesome!

the first night we hit downtown disney.  this area is free to the public.  free parking.  

we contemplated taking the boys to the new legoland themepark but honestly the reviews were so so (probably due to the fact that it is new) and we had to be realistic with our time as we were already going to be fitting disneyworld and seaworld into our week.

my mom knew that downtown disney had amazing lego structures set up outside and indeed they WERE amazing!  this fulfilled my boys' lego fix for sure!

the girls had fun choosing a little charm for their "charm it" necklaces.  this was not planned but looking back this is a great idea.  it steered them away from wanting uber expensive frivolous purchases of wands, dresses and other paraphernalia.

we let them choose a charm at three different stores. cute!

oh boy.  dubs was a riot!  he loves toy story.

temporary tattoos.

high school musical (for the music note), belle, finn, shu, and mater.

my parents took us to fulton's crab house in downtown disney.  it was delicious!

a waiter went around doing magic tricks :)

we did not go up in this balloon (it was too windy) but it looked fun!

the night ended with some ice cream!  cookie dough for me. always.
this was day one of our trip.  more to come!


  1. i love Dub's expression in the tattoo picture! looks like he's having the best day of his life!

  2. Looks like a fun time. Want to hear about it, and if you think it was worth it, considering the price and all. And comparing it to other vacations.

  3. Looks like a fun time. Want to hear about it, and if you think it was worth it, considering the price and all. And comparing it to other vacations.

  4. This brings back a flood of memories because we were there one year ago Thanksgiving week. It was an amazing trip and we went with my inlaws.
    Cant wait to hear more about your trip:)

  5. Oh, what precious memories! Some of our most fun memories are from our Disney trips with the kids. We are now waiting for our Grans to get a little older so we can take them. Great photos!

  6. Look like it was a fun trip, with such sweet memories! My boys would go crazy over the legos!!

  7. Your kiddie are always dressed so cute! I have 3 girls. Where do u shop for your girls clothes?

  8. annon: thanks :) deanie's outfit - shorts & floral tank (NEXT), striped shirt (Nordstrom Rack). dancy's outfit - dress (Mother in law made), sweatshirt (hanna andersson).

  9. those pictures made me miss Orlando!!!!

    We use to go to Downtown Disney once or twice a month just to play and walk boys would build legos at the lego store and my daughter and I would hang out in the princess store......

    They always knew that we weren't eating or buying anything...just playing and enjoying the scenery!

    We could hardly ever leave without sharing a couple of caramel apples, though! Can't wait to see more of your trip!!!

  10. Looks like such fun, My boys LOVE that Lego area!!!

  11. that looks like so much fun! Your family is adorable!

  12. Finally checking out your pics! These are GREAT!! I do want to see more when we have some time. Love ya sis.


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