a glittery 9th birthday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

happy 9th birthday to my sweet little girl.  

keeping with tradition at least 3 themes were chosen by my creative little one.

this year:  1. glittery  2. princess  3. colorful

you got it.  :)  

the pantry door was properly adorned. 

glittery favor boxes for the girls from hobby lobby.  

glittery paper circles hanging from the chandelier and the easiest decor ever...balloons.  

when there is time for nothing else......go get some balloons.  

 i love that one of her top gift requests was a belle dress.  

 her other favorite gift?  a new camera.  endless pictures like the ones below being captured. 

happy birthday to my beautiful daughter.   :)


  1. Happy birthday to her indeed! May the Lord bless her and keep her this year.
    On a sidenote, I LOVE your green cake stand. Is that depression glass? Or something new made to look old? Its lovely.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday To you sweet nine year old!
    Hope you had a great day celebrating. We miss you! Kalie says HI!! Hope you guys are doing well! Have fun with the Belle dress and your camera. SO FUN!

  3. I have a certain sweet 8 1/2 year old sweet little man who got a camera for his 8th bday and loves it...maybe it's meant to be:) looks like a great party.

  4. How sweet! She is becoming such a lovely young lady.

    I love the little circles hanging from your chandelier....like you said -- so simple, but so cute!

  5. What a beautiful cake for your sweet 9 year old!

    My daughter was sitting here with me, and she said, "Oh!!! Save that for my birthday!"

    So, we pinned it!

  6. Love the sweet touches. The birthday girl must have felt very special. Never have seen gold candles.

  7. How sweet! LOVE that she asked for a belle dress...so cute!!

  8. what a sweet birthday! your daughter is adorable :)


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