basement family room

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i am so excited to add some pizazz to our basement family room space!

all with the help of the amazing darlene from fieldstone hill.  i have mentioned darlene before when i joined  her list of 'master designers'.  (you can click on the logo to the right to read more about that)

here is our basement family room now:

its where we can watch movies together.  have large groups playing games and socializing.

its where i walk on the treadmill and my husband runs on the treadmill.

it is very functional but has not really had too much thought put into the decor.  these couches are 12 years old (still love them!) and and the tables, lamps, etc. all came with us from the move.

its almost been two years since we've moved so we were ready to call upon darlene for some help!

i was put on her wait list............  and it was worth the wait!

this is what she came up with!!  along with a sketch (to scale) of exactly where to put my furniture, and a complete source list, with links, of what accessories to purchase, where to purchase them and where to put them in the room.

i'm chipping away at it.  i've ordered some prints to hang on the front of the bookshelves (i've saved pictures of this idea but never thought to do it!), purchased the paint color for the back of the bookshelves (doesn't that look awesome?!) and ordered up the rug.

once i gave darlene all the measurements she needed (room, furniture windows etc.) she was ON IT!  i really appreciated the promptness and attention she gave me.  thank you so much darlene!

having someone help me come up with a complete look like this has been SO helpful!  i really enjoy design and doing this myself, but working with darlene was a huge treat.


  1. What a beautiful inspiration board! I love the curtains and tufted chair:)

  2. awesome!!!!
    & soon there will be some new baby toys down there too <3

  3. it's gonna be great!! i love her design. the room already had great bones with those great built-ins and the pretty wall color.

  4. This is beautiful! Where do you find those cute round end tables?

  5. Those curtains are beautiful, they look like Anthro ones. If they are, be careful to measure them! I had to return six panels and go another direction in our bonus room because they were six inches shorter than described. :(

  6. If those are Anthro curtains, not sure but they look familiar, be careful...I had to return six panels I bought because they were six inches (or more!) shorter than described. So strange!

  7. I've always been curious to see exactly how online consults for home decor go. Thanks for the peak. I'm excited to see the finished product :)

  8. Sara! Thank you so much for your kind words! Working with you was a treat, and I know that you are going to add such beauty and love to this space {especially with all those good nesting hormones!}.
    I read the comment about the Antropologie curtains, and I think it would be worth calling them. If they truly run short {how odd!!!}, one option could be ordering a size larger so that you can have them hemmed to perfection.
    Anyway, thank you again for posting these thoughts! It was a blessing to me if I could add a touch of joy to your home!
    - {darlene}

  9. Oh wow, that looks amazing! I cannot wait until we have the time to refinishing our basement! The built in bookshelves have me drooling!

  10. How amazing! I absolutely love the ideas, and it seems like you two were meant to work together.

  11. can't wait to see what you do with the her work!!!

    those bamboo shades add such a warmth to any room and I'm thinking those panels are from anthropologie, right?

    hope you're feeling better!

  12. I really love the curtains and the pops of color, but wouldn't you want the couch to face the fireplace?

  13. Congrats on your pregnany! Very exciting! I just my 4th baby 3 weeks ago and am in heaven with my sweet newborn! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

  14. I love that for a basement space, it's still so bright and vibrant! well done!

  15. ohhh my... what a beautiful home you have :)


  16. This room looks wonderful!


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