a little me time

Monday, May 21, 2012

after the kids go to bed, about 3 times a month, i love love love to fill the tub and soak for a bit.  

no jets please.  

i will take a lush bath bomb though.  have you ever used one of these lovely fragrance filled bombs? 

i picked some up in chicago last year and add to my collection whenever we go back.  there are fizzy bath bombs and bubble bars.  so glorious.

i usually break off  some of the bubble bar and add it to a bath bomb.

add some light reading and i'm good.  a nice 20 minute soak then i'm off to bed.


  1. Looks heavenly! I went to there website and don't know what to order. What are your favorites?

  2. That does look very relaxing! I've tried bathbombs a few times, but really love using the lavender bath salts from Whole Foods :) Is your clock PB? I think I have the same one!

  3. I love them, but I recently got one the smelled FABULOUS and I put it in my tub only to soak in large amounts of seaweed. :( After my relaxing soak, I really don't want to fish out all that seaweed because it clearly can't go down the drain!

  4. it honestly sounds like the perfect way to end the night.
    we have a huge tub in our new house, and I LOVE taking baths in it!

    We've only lived here three nights, and I've taken one every night. :)

  5. That sounds so lovely and relaxing! Our current master bath has only a stand up shower, so I've added a luxurious soaking tub to my "dream house wish list." It's one of the "must haves" (along with a laundry room with a door so no one can see my mess! Love your blog! :)

  6. you deserve a break...maybe a little more than 3 times a month. = )

    Love the bath bombs too!


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