window boxes and flowers

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i filled my window boxes a couple of weeks ago and went a totally different route than last year.  

pink! petunias and potato vine. 

the front porch got a dose of pink too.

geraniums, diamond frost, vinca vine, spike and some fillers.

you can see the garden over the hill.  its all planted and blooming!  update on that soon.

our retaining walls have climbing hydrangeas and day lilies.

 more lilies.

boxwoods on top, climbing hydrangeas, purple coneflower and lilies.  for the past two years the dear have shown NO interest in these plants.

the back deck has pink....

and the back porch has pink!

the planters by the garage even have pink.

i had fun this year filling my pots.  i attended a class at a local greenhouse that where i brought in up to three planters and we filled them and learned tips about filling a pot.

texture, height and color.  sun or shade or both.  etc.

oh, and to be sure these all receive their adequate amounts of h2o "watering flowers" has been put on boone's daily chore list! :)


  1. Beautiful as always! Thank you for ideas for my planters next year! Love your blog!

  2. i'm guessing all the pink flowers may be a clue to what sex the baby is? just curious! everything looks so beautiful!!!

  3. Is there any meaning to all the pink!?!?

  4. is all this PINK a clue as to what you're carrying? :)

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. Would the pink flowers mean "pink" is coming ;)

  6. LOVE your window boxes!

    You've been busy!
    We're planting at our new house this weekend....looking so forward to making the yard more "us."

  7. Everything so fresh and pretty. Are you having a girl - looks like you're thinking pink :)

  8. We went pink this year too! i think our pink flowers can be seen from the road better. i cant wait to see how your garden is doing. im considering doing a raised bed for our tea. it just wants to take over everything. have you found any down sides to the raised beds?

  9. Beautiful work ... all the pink is so cheerful.

  10. Beautiful! I actually visited the blog t see if there was an update on your garden! Looking forward to it!

  11. When can we expect a new post?! It's been too long!

  12. My goodness - I just stumbled across your blog, and I am totally in awe of your beautiful home and family! It's all absolutely stunning, and the fact that you achieve all this AND home school your children is completely outstanding. Well done - I will be following avidly from now on.
    Best wishes from England,
    Paula xxx

  13. Hello! Your baby is born? Keep us informed, please. We will rejoice with you. God bless your beautiful family. Ks

  14. I'm a window box junkie! Which sounds like a weird thing to say, but it's true. Yours are stunning and very lovely. And the railing 'box' is neat as well. (Also saw your post about your newest little one. Congrats, they are all cuties!)



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