the treehouse.

Monday, October 15, 2012

this past spring the kids were out in the woods with my dad (opa) and they all got the big idea to build a treehouse.  

my dad was all in from the beginning.  he had boone draw a plan and asked all the kids to think about what they wanted the treehouse to look like.  

then opa went to the bookstore and bought some books about treehouses.  he drew up the plans himself, considering the input he received from his grandkids :)

one day when opa was out in the woods measuring and putting string out between the trees, my neighbor walked over.  he is a retired builder.  he struck up conversation with my dad and before you know it, he too was all in on this project.  what a blessing!

just like during the garden project, the kids were outside watching and helping every day!

such treasured memories were being captured daily.  as a side note, these experiences help solidify our choice to homeschool.  being with each other through the building process, sharing excitement over the latest completed section of the treehouse during lunch,  helping opa with cleanup and tool fetching as well as fixing and serving lunch.

countless hours have been logged into the playtime in this treehouse already!!!

and every single day (unless its raining) the kids have been in the treehouse.  such a fun project that has proved to be an awesome investment!  thank you opa!  WE LOVE YOU!


  1. how cool is that? your kids must be so excited!

  2. A gift of love they will always remember. What a great Opa!


  3. What a wonderful experience! You, your children and grandpa are all so blessed by this project. It's stunning!
    I love the look of wonderment and joy on the faces of your children! Someday they'll be doing this with their grandchildren.
    If I could do it over again I'd throw a little homeschooling in the lives of my children too!

  4. That is awesome! It looks amazing. What a great memory your kids will have!

  5. pinned this for future use.
    my kids have asked for a tree house forever, and we've never caved.

    can you imagine the fun to be had in that tree house? kudos mom, you probably made your kids' YEAR.

  6. Our kids have an Opa too, and amazingly looks like your Opa. The treehouse looks great!

  7. As a kid, I saw only one tree house but I recall being enthusiastic about Hukkle Berry Finn’s house in the cartoon I was watching! Being the happy mom of a boy, I cannot think about video games but only Tree House Building for him!
    Tree House Building


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