star wars birthday party.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

jedis, lightsabers and costumes oh my!

we recently had a star wars birthday party for the three oldest boys and we had FUN!

i found some fun ideas from pinterest (check out my parties board)

here they are.  the birthday boys.  i downloaded star wars music and had that playing during the party.

i was princess leia and mr. daddy was darth vader.

apparently i don't know anything about anything relationshipwise in star wars....i just wanted to kiss darth :)  the boys yelled... "NO MOM!  He's BAD!"


some of the gifts they received:  new toolboxes!  these are from sears and are around $25.00.  the real deal.  the goal is to fill them up with "real" tools.

lightsabers and legos for sure.  always legos.

the party was also open to any costume other than star wars.  so our family had a pirate and a crazy disco dancer.  little A did not dress up... :)

death star cake and light saber cake pops that i did NOT make.  it turned out AWESOME!

these cookies i did make though.  i found super cute cookie cutters at williams sonoma and just colored my dough instead of icing the cookies.

i love love celebrating my children and the gift that they are!  i like making a big deal out of their birthdays and creating memories that hopefully will be remembered.


  1. It's absolutely adorable!! That's so fun that the 3 oldest boys have birthdays close enough together that they can celebrate together with a big party :)

  2. Fun, fun, FUN! I want to go to this party and I'm not even a Star Wars fan!

    I have a question, if you're willing to answer. You posted last holiday season about your gift-giving system for the kids (want, need, wear, read) which I think rocks the house, and I just wondered how you approach gifts during birthdays. Just curious!

    Amber in NC

  3. So cute! Love the family picture, especially with the boys firing their "guns" at the camera. LOL! What fun!

  4. Oh my goodness. How totally cute is this! Love it!

  5. Um... Darth Vadar is also Princess Leia's father....Just sayin'!
    Be careful there :)

    1. see?! i told you i don't know anything about anything star wars.... :) i'm resolving to watching the movies beginning to end...i need to get some things straightened out. obviously! :)

  6. wow - you are a fun mom! Good job!

  7. that party ROCKS. :)
    I am VERY impressed that y'all dressed up!

  8. You are incredible! I know how much work it takes to put on a job!

  9. It was a wonderful party!! You did an awesome job!! We all had so much fun. Thank you:) Happy Birthday boys!

  10. such a cool party! bet your boys loved it, dressing up is so much fun! i loved the acting! it was like watching a slient movie, i could just feel how frightened you were!lol great pics!!

  11. I bet you the little guys are deadly with the light sabers. They would take you down in a second.

  12. Everything looks great!

    But, Princess Leia, is Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) daughter.
    So that would be creepy.
    But you could have been Padme, (Luke & Leia's mom)


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