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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

this little man is growing so quickly.  chubby legs and big smiles....what a life.

here are some of little A's latest adventures:

playing so hard he just crashed.  he slept like this for 25 minutes.  so funny. i stuck my tongue out at him and this is what he did back.  smart little bugger.

first try at rice cereal.  i caved and gave it to him before 6 months (JUST our personal choice), its still only given sporadically...  of course he eats it right up.

he has calmed down tremendously!  sweet little boy cried for his first two months.  now at 5 months he is lively but not in a screaming-aaaahhh way...know what i mean?  he is so much more content!!  


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. He's such a cutie! My youngest son is 4 yrs now. Boy, did it go by quickly. I always enjoy your posts. Thank you! Dene

  2. Sara, I just love your blog, style, faith, and sweet family! I had my baby #4 (a boy) at about the same time you had this little guy. He is 5 months now and I also started cereal and he is also coming out of the crying, whiny newborn stage! It is so great having a baby in the house again! Our kids are 7,5,2,and 5 months! I am contemplating starting homeschooling with my oldest 2 (K & 2nd grade) next year! Any advise for a busy mom of 4:) Blessings, Tracy

  3. Sara, I just have to say I love your blog. You have such great style, faith, and family life! My baby #4 was born around the same time as this little cutie! He is also coming out of the whiny,crying newborn stage and is eating cereal now and loving it! We have a 7,5,2, and 5 month old and I am contemplating starting homeschooling next year! Any advise for a newbie! Blessings, Tracy

    1. so sorry, my first time commenting on a blog...don't know exactly what i am doing;)

  4. He is so adorable. I think he looks so much like you!

  5. What an awesome, inspiring blog! We just had our 6th child in September (all boys). I homeschool and love being creative with my home , so I felt like I was visiting a dear friend's blog when I found yours. I was just talking to my mom this morning about how grateful I am that our little man is growing out of all the fussiness. I just started feeding him rice cereal as well and he is eating it and digesting it like a champ. The sweet extremes I experience being the mother of an infant have not faded in the least with each of our children. Extreme sleepiness, extreme joy, and extreme Love! I am just savoring every moment with this one as he'll most likely be it, until I get to hold my grand babies. The Lord has truly blessed me and my family. Thanks for sharing your blessings!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! He is so incredibly DARLING!!! I love that shot with his little tongue.


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