christmas 2012.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

first things first.  this little man is 4 months old already.  he just started picking things up with his hands, he laughs out loud, and has started talking in church.  not crying just talking....  i still have not cut his hair and have to answer to mr. daddy at least twice a week as to when this will happen.  but he knows that i just crave this baby stage and really is good with it.  its more of an ongoing joke/tease.  

here are little A's past pictures:  1 month,  2 months,  3 months

christmas eve.  we spent the day at my parents house then came home that evening and the kids exchanged their gifts to each other.  the kids did this last year too, but honestly it was a long process as we had to go to different stores, talk through practical choices etc.

so this year i set up some guidelines.  actually just one.  the gift had to come from walgreens.  isn't that funny??   but it worked!  it wasn't out of my way, so if i was running errands i would take a couple kiddos with me.  and since there is a walgreens every 5 miles, we just picked one and stayed on course for the rest of the errands.

they used their own money and i guided the decisions.  they have a ball with it.

dancy had little dubs name.  she bought him a little dog that walks with an attached remote.  he. loves. it. he named it 'doggy'.

i love this picture!  he jumped on his sister and hugged her so hard....we were just all so happy for him.  his happiness is contagious.

the kiddos also open one gift from us.  the traditional gift of pajamas.

they all rushed upstairs and put on their christmas jams.

then, the girls surprised me with a special gift they had made.  a coffee mug cozy (that deanie made all by herself) and an awesome table mat.  they cut and sewed all of this!  my mother in law guided and quilted it.  they also wrote me a special note.

that gets me every time.  i treasure their written notes of admiration, encouragement and love.  blessed.  i am so so so blessed.

christmas morning!!!!  dancy asked me repeatedly the night before, 'what time are we getting up?', 'when can we go downstairs?' etc. etc.

i really needed to be showered and ready first so we said 8:00am we can go down.  this was at 8:01am.

strained necks all around from smiling so hard!

so to disguise who's gift was who's this year i came up with something super fun for the kids!  i gave them each a character from narnia.  they didn't know who they were though.

so presents started to appear under the tree for susan, peter, the professor, lucy, mr. tumnus and edmund.  they were not allowed to touch the presents so it was hilarious to listen to them trying to sort out the logic behind who was who.

they didn't know before hand but i did not include little A in the gift exchange and instead included mr. daddy.

so this picture is the kids picking up a present that they thought was theirs.

this bundle of cuteness just soaked it all in.

and finally this is the fun that settled in as the sun came up.

you can see our christmas pasts here.  2011 2010


  1. love the jammies! were they sent for or could you get them locally? this post reminds me of our kids in that stage...precious memories, indeed! happy new year! Esther

    1. esther, the pj's are from hanna andersson. they have a website and stores :) they last forevah!

  2. I love reading about your family! you are so blessed! do you kids get allowance/chore money? i am thinking about a way to go about this with my kids.. oldest is 5 1/2. and wondering what others do.

    1. melissa, thank you! we implemented a new allowance system about 6 months ago and tweaked it about 2 months ago. its working really well...kinda complex to explain so i'll take note and work on a blog post! thanks for the idea. :)

  3. I love those pajamas!!! Could you let me know where you purchased them? Super cute Christmas pictures.

    1. lee, they are from hanna andersson. thanks! :)

  4. So lovely! I like your tradition of gifting your children matching PJ's on Christmas Eve-- I'm definitely going to remember that for next year!:) Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. That sweet ball of baby looks just like his mama. Love the jammies photos. Cute, cute, cute.

  6. What a beautiful family! We implemented the 3 gift idea this year. Want, need, read. My boys loved the idea... added one gift of giving them cash... but it must be given to someone else. (ie: at the grocery store, resturant, etc.) They always get matching jammies on Christmas Eve while at Grandma and Grandpa's to wear for the night so we can head home and put them right to bed. Thanks for sharing your family with us!
    I also would love to hear your take on the allowance system.
    One question... we just added a baby boy to our family. Where are those great booties from, that you have on A with his jammies? They look like they would actually stay on a babies foot.
    Thanks again!

    1. sarah, those were actually his first christmas gift from his opa and nana :) they are the robeez cozy ankle booties in tan. he has size 6-12 months and they DO stay on fabulously.

  7. First of all.. little A is just as beautiful as can be. Not that I'm suprised, all of your babies are so precious! Just when I thought I loved the post on your home the most, you share pieces of your family with us. Thank you. I adore how you make each and every step a memory in the making. I can see the love written all over their faces. Thank you Sara for including your blog friends in a piece of this. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and look forward to sharing many more post with you. Hugs, Susie

  8. I still haven't done my Christmas will mean it's over and I'm just not ready to let it go!
    I love the beautiful gifts the girls made for sweet! And the restrained excitement on your little guys face!
    The matching jammies and traditions speak to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. merry christmas sara! i love the p.j.s, and little A is just too cute!!

  10. I love these memories you the narnia idea for the gifts!

    I also love the last one with your oldest daughter making a funny face in the background!! :) too cute.

    LOVING the snow in the background guys are in NC, right? Remind me what part...

  11. Oh such wonderful memories!!! I love the babys hair:) I allways let my boys hair grow as once you cut it the babyish seems to be gone:)
    Have a Blessed new Year!!!


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