happy 2013. let's read through the Bible!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013.  time to read the most popular book ever!  

i've read the Bible my whole life.  yet i've not read the Bible in its entirety

over on instagram i started posting pics of what i'd been doing and others wanted to join in.

---------------------> join me on instagram over on the right 
or download the free instagram app on your phone and find me (augustfields)

yay!  so here's the plan:

  • download the app i have shown in the second picture below.  its called  Bible in One Year by Alpha International.
  • join me on instagram and use the hashtag #afbibleinayear  (don't forget the "f")  is stands for august fields Bible in a Year.  you can search by that hashtag on instagram and see how it's going for others and share and encourage eachother.
  • i am personally using my journal and Bible (you can read the Bible verses on the app itself) along with the app

here is the app to download (it's free)

i also like to doodle and draw in my journal. 

i'm a homeschool mom so of course i get super excited when i find THE perfect office supply.  enter the paper mate flair pens.  go get these pens.  they make me happy.  fine point.  don't bleed through the page.  and lots of fun colors!  no one touches these but me in our house :) (i call them my teacher pens....)

i'm excited to connect with more people and work through this together.  my husband is on board as well and i even set a daily reminder on my phone for 10pm.  this is when we share a favorite/standout/meaningful part of our study that day.  

*amazon links are affiliate but are products i have tried and love!


  1. Hey Sara!!! I started this study on January 1st and am so excited to have a community of others to share the year with!!!! Thanks for organizing!!!! Looking forward to a great 2013!!!

  2. I did this a few years ago and it was so meaningful. It really transformed me. I have tried to do it again but have only made it 100% through once.

    I wish y'all a blessed new year!

  3. I just pulled up the app and downloaded it. I was thinking about trying to read the Bible through this year...maybe this will be the encouragement I need. I have not used Instagram before. Can you tell me a little about it and the format? Thanks for your blog.

    1. http://whippycake.com/blog/2012/08/instagram-the-basics/

      This is an awesome blog post tutorial on Instagram.
      So happy you are joining me!

  4. Thanks so much for the invite! This is just what I need. I've never read the bible. Downloaded the app and I"m off to get the pens! :)

  5. I wish they had the app for android! I would have loved to join:)

    Lovelove your blog:)

  6. I wish they had the app for android! I would have loved to join:)

    Buy the way Sara, lovelove your blog:)

  7. Downloaded the app and am excited to start! I, too, have read the Bible, taught Sunday School, etc and yet have never read the Bible in it' s entirety. Thanks for encouraging me to start.

  8. I'm in! It's been a few years since I've read the whole bible thru, no better time than the present!

  9. I really like this! Don't have a smart phone, but I'm thinking about it...what do you think of yours? any suggestions???

    Also love your journaling! If I could write cutely, like that, I'd journal more too!!!

    Thanks for the invite and for all the sharing!

    P.S. love that you have "teacher" pens!!

  10. Sara, this was one of my goals for this year... and now i am so excited to learn that other are doing this also. can't wait to follow along!!!

  11. game changer for me.
    it has been so long since i read the bible through....so grateful you introduced this to us!!

  12. So thankful I found you through my pal, Dawn, on Instagram. I'm in! I'm a doodler! Love Jesus! Can't wait for this community to bond (more). Blessings for this Sabbath!

  13. yay - this is awesome. I'm going to join in. Thanks so much for posting and Happy New Year. God bless :)

  14. Thanks for introducing us to this app! It's awesome that I can read the daily entry wherever I am - usually in the car pickup line at school. ;)

    Also, do you mind sharing what kind of notebooks you use for your journal? I've been looking for a bound, lined notebook that will LIE FLAT (and not spiral bound).



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