6 months. chi-chi.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 months.  little A has slept through the night 3 times now!  from 10pm-7am.  

this is a big deal as all the other kiddos were sleeping through the night waaaay earlier.  on the plus side though, i've been using the late night feeding frenzies to read through the Bible on my phone.

look at those eyes.  

little A is not so little anymore.  he's filling right out and has also acquired quite the arsenal of nicknames!  is this normal?  do you all have nicknames for your kiddos?

so the one that seems to be sticking is chi-chi.  (pronounced chee chee).  like chi-chi rodriquez, professional golfer.  but that's not where it came from.

have you ever seen the movie chitty chitty bang bang?  its a dick van dyke classic.  we were watching it with the kids (again) when little A was still little.... there is a song called chu-chi face and

 i. think. its. hilarous.  

i was calling him chu-chi face and well....it evolved into chi-chi.

so there you have it.  our little chi-chi.


  1. Chi-chi! Love it!

    And yes, we have TONS of nicknames for our kids ... D, D-bug, Doodlebug, B, Beebee, Angel Cake, Littles, Sweet Peas ... this goes on and on. I think one can never have enough nicknames. :)

  2. he is a beautiful baby!! i'm expecting my FOURTH in about 8 weeks and my last baby was born almost 5 years ago. i have forgotten what it means to have a newborn in the house. i'm praying this baby takes it easy on me. i know those long nights really take a toll on a mama's mentality!! hopefully he'll turn the sleeping corner soon.

    1. congratulations alicia. prayers that the final weeks go well! :)

  3. Oh he is so adorable and look at all that beautiful hair!!

  4. He is too cute! I haven't watched that movie in years but I agree, that song is hysterical...in an odd way :)


    1. the humor grows on you. but yes, its a very odd song. yet so funny!! :)

  5. His eyes are WOW. He's adorable, and such a well-loved baby!

  6. he is just too cute! and chi-chi is cool! our oldest boy, abe, was always called aber-babe-er, and our other boy, jake, has always been called nugget. they are 18 and 16, and i still will call them those names.(just not allowed to in front of friends)lol


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