dancy's 10th birthday party. confetti.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

so i totally forgot to post dancy's birthday party last month!  not only that, but i really didn't even take very many pictures.  you'd think i have a new baby or something :) :)

dancy is very outgoing, endlessly loving to others, artistic, loves to dance and sing, and for the past year her joys have included gymnastics.

she asked for a colorful birthday party and wanted confetti.  to which i had to explain that unfortunately there was no way i was going to have fistfuls of actual confetti be thrown around the house to celebrate.

*side note*  when i was little MY mom and dad actually let my sisters and i cut up newspaper into a bazillion pieces and throw it all over the family room on new years eve.  my mom found newspaper pieces in the registers and stuck into crevices for months! i'm too chicken.

we decorated with a confetti motif instead.  we found colorful cupcake holders, big round sprinkles and from etsy, some fun printables.

her big gift was an ipod nano that we've been filling up with some of her favorite tunes.

francesca battistelli, casting crowns, jamie grace, kari jobe, mandisa, toby mac and yes, a little one direction. :)

i love you dance.  your heart is full of love for the Lord and creativity.  you are determined and steadfast.  you fill our home with music and laughter, singing and awesome art. your little brothers and big sisters all love to be where you are.

i pray that i can continue to be the best mom i can be to you and continue to encourage you in the ways that you need it most.  i am so glad that God gave me you.


  1. Gorgeous little girl! What a wonderful looking party.

  2. what a cute party theme! i love the cake!! yummmmm!!

  3. Big fan of that cake. Cute! She is so grown up and beautiful. Time flies!

  4. love the cake, so cute! happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  5. that cake...the whole party is darling!
    you throw sweet parties for your kiddos!
    so much effort...they'll remember it all. :)


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