spring shelves. some bloggy and reader love and thanks.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

while the snow is still flying outside, the springtime decor has sprung inside.  

i have been eyeing these cafe shelves for some time and i really really like the idea of having two shelves to change out the decor for the season.  sometimes thinking about decorating an entire room seems overwhelming in my mind and in reality two completely decorated shelves can make a better design statement.

here is what i chose for our spring shelves (everything was from shopping around our house except the owl and little tiny lamb, both from hobby lobby)

"be filled with joy" print by katie daisy.

and now for some fellow bloggy love!  this is a corner of our front foyer.  the micah 6:8 canvas is from the ever talented dee of red letter words. this particular scripture brings me back to my childhood and as a young girl memorizing micah 6:8.  it all seems so simple.  to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.  but life happens and it can all suddenly seem so complex.  having Scripture hidden in your heart truly is a treasure and i need more of it.

i also think it is so important to mark your homes with God's word.  we use index cards and handwriting assignments taped to the walls with Bible verses but dee's artwork sure makes a pretty display of such strong truth.  and right in the entryway, to set the tone, to welcome, to remind us all.

and do you see the a. dor. able. michigan pillow??!!!  yes, i am THAT excited about it.  This was sent to me by a fellow michigander, Jill of Cora Anne Designs .....

too cute, i know i know.  and the back is navy and white chevron.  ahhh.  chevron just makes me happy.  and this pillow is quality work.  please, go visit jill's blog, they are renovating a lake house right now and its super cute.

blogging has connected me with so many people from so many parts of the world and from so many different walks of life.  the idea that people take the time to read my blog is humbling, and that many of you take the time to email me fills me with sincere THANKS.

thank you for reading.  thanks for encouraging me through comments and emails.

fact:  just last week i was having a doozy of a day.  grey skies outside, not motivated, and not feeling like i was accomplishing....well, anything.  i open up my email to find one that began like this

"I want you to know that your blog has been such a tremendous inspiration and encouragement to my wife and me........"

this gentleman went on to share their home building experience and thanked me for sharing my faith and life.  wow.  

thank you.

he (as well as all of you have emailed such kind words) was such an inspiration to ME.

to take the TIME to say THANK YOU.  to you guys, to people around me.  do you even know how many thank you notes i have written in my head?  i'm great about thank you notes for gifts but just random notes of encouragement, of thanks.....so many times i just let it slip by.

i'm going to try to be more faithful to say thank you.  do write a note of encouragement.  because i KNOW how much its appreciated!



  1. SOOOO pretty!!! I love it!!! This darn snow has me not in the mood to put out the Spring goodies, but you may have just inspired me!

  2. I love your Michigan pillow! I did some things with a Michigan Silhouette and the other states where I've lived. What a cute addition to your chair. I love your blog and keeping up with your family. Thanks for sharing your life here!


  3. I didn't know you were from Michigan! What part?

  4. Sara--I love your cafe shelves with spring decor. Soooooo adorable. And the pillow is so fun. I was raised in Michigan--eek! In a small town across the lake from Chicago--New Buffalo. I love your blog so much. I am always so happy and encouraged when you post. Thank you for sharing your faith, family, home, and heart. Blessings to you! xox

  5. love that pillow and the shelf that you created for spring!
    and, I love all things redletterwords!!

  6. Awe, love your touches of Spring, what a great idea! And, love that scripture and I, too, think having scripture interwoven in our home decor is good for the soul. I've got to start dropping by more often, always inspired by your writing. Blessings for a beautiful Easter week!

  7. Where did uou get your cafe shelves?

  8. I live in Phoenix, AZ where there is no such thing as winter, so I am just enjoying that it is not yet over 100 degrees! Your spring decor is so pretty.

    Hey, I have the exact same black Stickley cabinet as you!

  9. I love that verse and had forgotten it. Thank you for the reminder. So glad you get positive feedback from readers. It really does brighten your day to know that you have touched someone in a good way. You have done that for me too Sarah! Love the shelves! They would be perfect for my new office. May I ask where you found yours?


    1. Kim, thank you for the sweet words. My shelves are from Ballard. They're the White, 3 ft., 10" deep ones. I pondered making some but the size and "chunkiness" of them was exactly what this space needed :)


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