Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's been awhile!! I've been posting a lot over on Instagram and would love to have you join me.  

Chichi is almost 10 months old.  He is such a happy, cheerful baby. He has 3 teeth on the bottom and is cutting both if his top teeth right now.  

He loves the hammock and settles right down when we put him on it! 

We're putting an pool in!  The kids are so excited.  The tools and equipment over the past two months have provided lots of entertainment for them.

The garden is in and the cucumbers, beans and sunflowers are all growing! I even saw the basil popping up yesterday.   Please tell me you remember how hot it was last year!! Well, I remember. I was hugely preggers, sweating constantly and the garden barely produced anything.  This year is going much better!!

Garage sale season is in full force and a few of our best finds this year so far are this playpen .....

A vintage crib toy....

And this desk for the girls bunk room! Have you guys found any good deals out there?



  1. I've missed seeing your beautiful family - hope all is well! The instagram thingy doesn't work - it says you're deleted :(


    1. gena, thank you :) all IS well! try it now....i reinstalled the gadget and it seems to be working now :)

    2. well, poop - still doesn't work for me!

      So glad things are well in your neck of the woods...

  2. Oh how fun - I can only imagine how much fun the kids will have with the new pool

    Can't believe how big your littlest has gotten! Time flies!

  3. So not fair the baby is growing so fast!! Oh my I cant wait to see the pool all done!! Your kids will love it. I pray our summer is not like last year. My poor Al was out day and night just trying to keep the corn alive.

  4. I always love your instagrams. And I'm anxiously awaiting a picture of that desk you were painting. I'm thinking I want something that color around here :)

  5. I am glad your back! Instagram link still does not work. It says you are deleted?

  6. Baby = Adorable!!!
    What fun to have a pool forthcoming...hours and hours of fun and relaxation! I have everything in the garden but the beans...need to work on that. Most things came up pretty well, but a few things are getting re-planted today :(
    I really like your raised beds and trellis...do you have a post just on that? I need to look back. Thinking we might do this next year. Maybe condense things better and have a "cute" garden and not just functional!!
    The garage sales here have been pretty awful, but I can't give it up! Farm Chicks show was fun and the things I got there will tide me over for awhile!

  7. A pool will be so awesome!! And chi chi is the cutest thing!

  8. I'm getting a deleted message from the instagram as well.

    The playpen is just like the one we had back for our first child in 1981! We eventually got a different one that still had the same kind of hinges and net siding, but was more collapsible. We used to take it around with us for the kids to sleep in when we were visiting with friends.


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