11 and 13.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

we have recently celebrated our two oldest daughters as they turned 11 and 13.

the birthday box.  dancy has been completely on board with our de-cluttering and simplifying from the get go, so eliminating individual gifts and requesting money in cards was the way we went.

everyone dropped their cards or cards w/ money into the birthday box as they came in.  when it was time for gifts she unwrapped the birthday box and opened each card individually.

She ended up with almost enough money for an iPod.  after some seriously hard earned money from work around the house she had enough and has since purchased an iPod with her own money.

chichi blew out her candle for her :)

 this being her 11th birthday i "swept her away" to chicago for 1 night and 2 days!  Her older sister was "swept away" on her 11th birthday as well.
 this is a very special time for just the two of us...  we laugh, talk, share, listen and have FUN!
 i was able to snag 2 seats at the girl & the goat!  this is extremely rare and partly due to the fact that it was like -20 degrees outside... brrrrr......  the food. is. fabulous.  hands down amazing.
 yes, those are green beans.  salty, savory, eat the whole dish good green beans!
 because it was SOOOO cold, we had the city of chicago practically to ourselves.  the aquarium, the stores, the restaurants.
 since this was a very special weekend, daddy picked us up from the train station and took us out to dinner where he gave dancy a very special necklace.  a reminder of how much God loves her, how much we love her.
 drumroll please...... we have a teenager in the house!! and. i. LOVE. it!!  we celebrated with cousins, aunts and nana at an art institute, ate a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

 these two sisters are best friends.  they're honest, funny, each unique and very helpful!  I pray that they will continue to be giving, confident, happy, God fearing, and feel loved.
 deanie received 13 gifts for her 13th birthday.  some of the 13 gifts were:
1.  crossbody purse
2.  shorts
3.  eyelash curler
4.  bb cream (a tinted moisturizer)
5.  lulu zippy
6.  sunglasses....

 for her "cake" we ordered cupcakes from a local cupcakery :)  she also has recently had braces put on her teeth .... and her smile is as big as ever.  i love that!!  i have loved all the stages and ages my children have gone through and i thought i might be 'sad' that deanie was growing up or getting older but i truly am so excited for her and really love spending time with her. :)
this is the oldest picture on my computer that i have of deanie (with my mom) 12 years ago!  


  1. Ah, you are investing well. Next time you come to Chicago, Little Goat is great, too and easier to get a seat.


  2. I always love seeing a little peek into your life. I feel like you and I have similar priorities and values and I love seeing how you express them and model them in your family. We have been working hard to de-clutter and simplify too and your last post helped me a lot. I get off track now and then but put myself back on task as soon as I can.

    Happy birthday to your girls. They are beautiful and I am sure they have beautiful personalities too. I loved reading about how close they are.


  3. How is it that your (oldest) daughter looks soooo much older when her smile is open, showing those cute braces? Is it just me?!

  4. what fun!!! happy birthday to both of them!

  5. I love this! Such special memories with your girls… we are coming to Michigan (Grand Haven) and Chicago over this summer and I'm so excited!!! :)

  6. SUPER super happy you're back (hopefully!) to blogging. I love reading about your lives and I've been checking the site periodically for updates. What news of the garden? The pool?

  7. I am so glad you are back!! The kids just grow up way to fast don't they?? How is your garden doing??


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