Saturday, June 14, 2014

cannonballs and dives.  daily.

i recently found this you tuber/doctor/fashion blogger.  

our family is doing the Bible Bee this summer!  lots of Bible memorization and a great study of the book of Jonah for all age levels.  The Jonah study is a Sword Study and I think any of the Sword Studies would be excellent for homeschooling.  Each child would have an independent workbook at their level for Bible.  Purchase here

it's been just over a year since i've been going to the gym, regularly, at 5:30am.  it took my body about 2 months to stop fighting the early wakeup call.  i have met some wonderful ladies that share that same crazy hour with me and keep me motivated.  i feel stronger and most importantly it helps my mental state of mind.  i've had maybe one or two episodes of feeling depressed and that is a HUGE improvement!  go for a walk and release those endorphins mommies! (and stay in the word)

i'm gearing up to teach the play camp, with my sister, at our local Classical Conversations practicum. we completed our first year of CC and i can not say it loud enough.... "we love CC!!". 

challenge A graduate.  during the course of the year, each student had to memorize every country and its capital and be able to draw it freehand.  sounds super impossible but CC does a great job of breaking it down and making it possible.  this is my oldest daughter on the day of final testing with all she knew for memory of the world.  not every country and capital was named but we are SO proud of all her hard work!
again, on our final day of testing.  each challenge A student had to present their final thesis.  my daughter's was:  "why did God create the world if He knew there would be sin?".

this is one awesome group of CC Challenge A kids!!  

texas cousins came to the mitten!  i haven't seen these girls in over 10 years.  that is way too long.  check out my cousin abby's blog.  

i have TWO new nephews!!  ahhhh..... love. love. love. (i have 2 more little nieces/nephew) on the way too!


  1. Being aware of the world is an awesome piece of knowledge to have! Time worth spent, I'd say.

  2. You've had alot going on! Have a great weekend Sara :)

  3. Your daughter did a great job on her map! Pretty sure mine would be missing a lot more!

  4. I SO ENJOY your blog and Instagram. Really. You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your beautiful love for The Lord... We love CC too it's incredible!

  5. I love that you are back to blogging!! Welcome back. Love reading your blog.

  6. Thank you for blogging again. I am not an instagram or twitter girl and have checked your blog for a long time for more posts. Please keep blogging for us "old fashioned blog readers!"

  7. Love the pool!! Our kids are in the pool all the time after the sun is not to hot. Love the little babies!! I still would love more:)

  8. We do CC too! Just finished our 3rd year, and I am preparing to direct a new campus for the first time next year! It has been a tremendous blessing to our family, that's for sure! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing - it is encouragement to others in ways you probably don't even know :-).


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