Favorite Toys 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

i always find it so very helpful when others share their favorite tried and true toys and gift ideas.  i have done gift lists in the past on my blog so i thought i'd share some more in hopes that it will be helpful to someone else.

these are all toys that have been tried and true in our household!  real favorites :)

don't forget extra darts!

make sure to add a wiffle bat.

this is the exact hoop we have and keep it indoors.  the kids love to play year round.
you can see some of our own keva creations here. make sure you get a lot so the kids can share... this equals hours of fun!

lord of the rings.  also, the chronicles of narnia.  (these are excellent read alouds for older children as well!)

*these are affiliate links through amazon.  but you all know i only recommend my favorites!
happy shopping.

i'd love to hear your favorites in the comments!


  1. Oh this is so awesome!! I love wooden toys and these are great!! Thanks for sharing!! Elma

  2. http://www.amazon.com/Schleich/pages/2600173011

    our collection of animals live in a basket under the coffee table year round. They are loved by all ages. our collection is farm, horses, and wildlife.

    I give them as gifts often.

  3. We're ordering Keva blocks this year because you suggested it a couple of years ago and our kids are old enough now!! I love your blog and am so encouraged by your homeschooling tips and stand for the Lord!! Love all your wisdom on raising Godly children.


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