catching up.

Monday, June 29, 2015

I'd say I have quite a bit of catching up to do!  We have had baby!, a wonderful school year, birthdays, yard projects, home projects, holidays, and of course everyday life going on.

First and foremost, we are so so happy to announce the birth of our seventh child, our fifth boy!  He came into this world with a ton of dark hair, blue eyes and at home.  That's right.  We experienced our first home birth!  It was planned and went so well.

Here is our little man who is now nearing 2 months.

He is nursing like a champ.  But I would like to be honest and say that nursing is an endeavor.  Especially in the beginning.  My milk always comes in around day 3.  And with a vengeance.  There are ice packs involved.  Then for the next 2 weeks latching on hurts!  All I can say is 'stick with it' and 'use lanolin from day 1'.  I am now experiencing the joy of breastfeeding and all the bonding/money saving/wonderful things you read about in books.

One of my recent purchases has been THIS nursing cover.  It actually COVERS my sides and my back!  It is perfectly stretchy and lightweight and doubles as a carseat cover.  Hands down one of those items that I wish I had 7 babies ago.


So much to catch up on!  We continue to take it one day at a time around here and enjoy our moments and memories. :)



  1. Nice to read you again!
    Our kids are all not born in a Hospital. My oldest son (17.) was born in a "Geburtshaus"=birth house, were you go for the birth and after some hours home. There are midwifes working but no doctors. The two girls (6. & 7. years old) are home birth. Now my youngest child is 6 years old and start school in september.
    All my best wishes. I really like to read your blog. We are both mothers- but your live in the states and my live in germany are totally different. Not at all, but sometimes. :-)


  2. beautiful baby....congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on your new baby! Sure do miss your posts, especially about enjoying your new house you built! I understand you are a busy mom too :) Hope to hear more from you soon! Have fun with that new baby!! He's adorable :)

  4. Sara, congratulations on your new baby boy, he is beautiful! I miss when you don't blog so I hope you have time to post now and again. I admire you and your husband so much. Prayers and blessings for your family!

  5. Good to see your post! I hope you are well and look forward to more "catch ups" from you when you have the time. Congratulations on lucky, no make that Blessed, number 7!

  6. That baby is so stinkin cute... the dark hair is beautiful! Can we see the sweet nursery where he sleeps please?

  7. This is the best update. He is so handsome!! Congratulations to you all. God bless you & your family to have a wonderful Summer bonding and making memories together. -Jill

  8. I am so happy for you! I have 7 children and know the busy schedule but also the abundant joy that comes from being a mother of many. We are looking forward to the birth of our 8th baby next week!


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