October 2015.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I love October.  I really do.  This picture of Jerry (yes, that's his nickname...) was snapped on the way to church this past Sunday.  Total sleepiness, morning sun, long sleeves and cozy.  Michigan lends itself to foggy mornings, beautiful fall colors on the trees, crisp cool air and I'm just gonna say it.  Donuts and Cider.

We made our way to our local pumpkin patch this year and our rule is:  if you can lift the pumpkin up and get it in the wagon, we can get it.  Our kids are older and stronger and I must say our pumpkin collection by the front door dons a couple very large pumpkins! And a few tiny ones.

I have to add this picture of Jerry Bear.  He's been sucking his bottom lip and jamming his fists into his mouth (a-la teething).  He often waits right here in the middle of our bed, happy as a clam.  I mean look at his hair?  How could he not feel awesome?

We are enjoying a fall break right now from Classical Conversations and have a couple of fun activities planned.  I so love the freedom homeschooling has given us as a family!  Happy October!


  1. We also do Classical Conversations and we also live in Michigan! Loving this weather - flip flops yesterday and maybe something a little warmer today? Or maybe not. My boys LOVE to wear their shorts and t-shirts in all weather. :) Happy October to you too!

  2. I just love your family updates... and that Jerry Bear (love the nickname!) has some amazing hair... so precious :)


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