Loose Leaf Tea Time.

Monday, October 3, 2016

For the past few months a friend of mine has been hosting an IF table at her home for 5 women.  We eat a beautifully prepared dinner, share how the Lord is working in our lives, ask for prayers, pray and study God's word.  During the final hour of the evening we are all treated to deliciously aromatic and flavorful tea.  Loose leaf and steeped in this pot. Which, out of necessity, I now own. 

Today I ventured into our local tea shop and asked several questions.  I inhaled the fragrance of tea flavors that I never even knew existed!  The labels on the jars now make sense, I understand how they are sorted on the shelves and am confident that all flavors of Rooibos (roy-bos) tea are phenomenal.  

Here are my selections:  Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos, Hot Cinnamon Spice (caffeinated), NuTeaLa (it has actual mini chunks of chocolate in it!), Honeybush Hazelnut, Lavender, Tumeric Ginger, and Very Vanilla.  

The options are endless!  I'm not sure if its proper 'tea protocol' to mix the leaves together to create a new flavor.... but I did.  I mixed Very Vanilla and Lavender.  So delicious.  If I'm making only one cup I use this individual infuser.

Today I did not have any coffee.  I'm hoping to replace my frequent stops at a particular coffee chain with the joy of preparing a delicious pot of tea to share or a cup of tea for myself.  Do you tea?  

This would be a perfect pairing with some new teas.  
What are your favorite flavors?  I must know!

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  1. I've never tried loose leaf tea. Now you have me wanting to try it!! Do you drink it unsweet or with any milk or cream? My "go to" tea is not loose leaf, but so yummy. Good Earth brand tea (it's actually a restaurant in Minnesota where I grew up) sweet and spicy.


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