Scaling Down

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I think that every person goes through ups and downs.  They can be physical or emotional,  spiritual or relational.

I've certainly experienced this in each of these areas throughout my whole life!

Physical.  Well, 7 pregnancies and births should explain the ups and downs there. :)  My physical body has changed tremendously and gone all over the scales, sizes and measuring tapes.

Emotional.  If you can breath and are reading this, I know you can relate.  We were created with an desire to glorify something.  Because of this it can sway from focusing on glorifying God, to pridefully glorifying ourselves, work, things or others.  Throw in love from our heavenly Father and love to and from other people and wow.....just to remain emotionally stable takes work!

Spiritual and relational ups and downs easily fit into our lives too.

Even physical stuff.  Material items.  You've witnessed me purge through over half our house and I have a tendency to bring bags to donate or consign wherever I go.  I feel better with



I am also in a point in my life where the gift of motherhood is in full gear.  Having a baby and having older (teens) at the same time deserves an entire section in the bookstore.  Throw in physical, spiritual, emotional and relational stability.

I am able to function best in all these areas when I keep things simple.

August Fields Co.  was an amazing adventure and I loved every minute of it.  But it's time to close shop.  A business deserves attention that I can't give it right now, and quite frankly the desire to give it the attention it needs is not there.  I am so thankful to each and every person who purchased an item and encouraged me in this endeavor.

Less social media, less emails, less paperwork, less stuff.

I am really hoping that some of the changes I am making will help me to walk a more balanced path in my life.  I completely understand that life will have ups and downs that I cannot control.  Yet, I truly believe that intentionally simplifying in a way that makes me uncomfortable and is hard, will be for the better.


  1. The winds of change are in the air for so many.
    God bless you as you let go.
    Being a wife, keeper of the home and momma will be the best years of your life. Time will pass and you'll look back at this active time as it will be a memory.
    All the best,

  2. I totally understand and good for you doing what is best for your family.. our family is our most important job that God has given us to do on this earth..May God Bless you and your family.. We need to do lunch sometime!!Elma

  3. Good for you!! This is just what I needed to read today. Have you ever read the book The Best Yes? Or maybe it was Your Best Yes.


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