August Fields Garden 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We put our garden in this year, Memorial Day weekend.  So many weeds pulled, dirt turned and fingernails dirtied. It was a team effort.  

The kids were all so helpful and wow....having more older kids makes a huge difference in what can be accomplished.  It's not that more is accomplished, it' that different, more complicated things can be accomplished. Like a garden!

Here is Jack, our almost 11 year old.  He drives the tractor and brush hogs the long grass and pushes dirt around where I want to grow wild flowers.

Ian and Isaac.  Pulling weeds, turning dirt.  The beds were rota tilled several times each.  This year I added a grass killer/fertilizer.  I know, all my organic dreams crushed, but we needed some serious intervention!

This little man added two scoops of veggie food to each tomato plant.

Every time he picks a flower and brings it to me, he adds a kiss on the cheek.  Please slow down time!
Cars hat, Paw Patrol garden gloves, red boots.  Do you know how I loathed character clothing items for my older kids...of course by child 6 a few items here or there are adorable. :)
Our new kitty.... JoJo.  Or as our youngest calls her, baby JoJo.
We are constantly trimming branches!  
 The garden - June 2017.  Since putting the garden in (2011)  we have added a water line, cut from a sprinkler line. This allows us to have a hose down there.  It is also in need of a little repair.  Some of the door hinges are loose and some netting has ripped.
 I have also added 4 brackets, each with a wind chime.  It really does seem to deter animals.
 Peppers, beans, cucumbers, snap peas and corn. The other side has Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, squash and more corn.

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